Making is my meditation; my sanctuary.

I am a maker/designer consulting and educating in Portland, OR.


AZZAMARIE presents collections that are interpretations/reflections/translations of personal experiences, focusing on the realness of life through a positive light. I believe that every day is a good day to #SendLove.

As a result of many moves in my life, I needed something stationary. Creating has always been a constant for me; something I could feel at home doing, no matter where I lived.

At 16 years old, my family’s big move rocked my world, and the 16 years that followed was full of many mini-moves. My solo move cross-country was where the focus, reflection, and vision culminated in the rebirth of AZZAMARIE.

In order to stay connected with old friends and loved ones and to ignite connections with new friends, I did what came natural to me, make them something. Greeting cards were just the right size something.

I have been making stationery by hand in various capacities for 18+ years. AZZAMARIE is about capturing life’s connections and offering others the chance to do the same. New product will be joining the current product offerings in Spring 2019.

From art, dance/movement, installations, murals, jewelry, interior design and shoes…I never stop exploring through making.


All of my designs are drawn by hand first.

All are printed in the United States.

All letterpress products are printed by hand at Letterpress PDX.

Items are packed by hand when the order is placed.

Orders are shipped out weekly on Friday. 


accept love, be love, give love



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